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Strawberry Cultivation

Yosef’s Farm delivers state of the art new strawberry varieties. For almost a decade now, the company specializes in of strawberry cultivation and strawberry crossbreeding for commercial use. The company has recently registered two new strawberry varieties: Rotemi and Shaked – early ripening cultivars, which are currently sold as premium varieties in the EU. Efi Yosef, CEO, also took part in the revolutionary effort of developing the new Israeli strawberry variety: Yuval, named after the grandson of the company founder. The company proudly offers comprehensive project management and consulting for entrepreneurs who seek to establish strawberry production operations: choosing suitable strawberry varieties, establishing nurseries for producing strawberry plants and growing it in the most suitable conditions and methods.

Yosef’s Farm maintains an ongoing effort to develop new strawberry varieties with unique characters, designed to meet a host of target markets. Utilizing innovative approach and advanced technology, Yosef’s Farm has been successful in creating a niche market that brings the company’s growing experience to private consumers, regardless of their location and environmental conditions.

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